What the Podcast? Part 2

I am now up in northern Wisconsin at a cabin in the woods, continuing to recover from my trip down south and back. My hands are starting to feel normal, my left knee is no longer numb from all the weird positions I had it in to drive so much and I am not so worn out. My mind is still locked in on some of the drama and unfortunate circumstances encountered during my trip, but family can be family! I love them so but we do drive each other nutty once in a while.

All I have to say regarding my recent trip, getting old can really take a toll when you just want to wander! I love driving and taking the scenic route. You see so much more than you do on the highway. The other side of driving so much, it is so easy to drift off mentally. Podcasts are a great way (for me) to help keep my mind in the here and now. Nothing that is too riveting, you are after all driving, but interesting.

New Favorites:
– The Join Us in France Travel Podcast – This is by Annie Sargent and gives you perspectives on on all things France! Her voice is wonderful to listen to which definitely helps. I am planning a trip to France in the future, and I definitely need to learn more.
– Donna & Steve – I know, I know, why recommend a local radio show podcast? But really, they are so fun to listen too. Funny, light-hearted and yet a bit competitive on their contests. Most of what they talk about is not so local that someone in another state couldn’t listen and understand what is going on. For example, the latest episode they talked about Tim Allen and Lightyear; hot dog toppings, Slow Jam and Beck. Not exactly local! They are on Talk Radio 107.1 here in town. All of the shows are great, but this is the one that I have tuned in to via podcast lately.

But now I am back home and planning my next trip! Reading all about train travel in Europe!

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