What the Podcast? Part 2

I am now up in northern Wisconsin at a cabin in the woods, continuing to recover from my trip down south and back. My hands are starting to feel normal, my left knee is no longer numb from all the weird positions I had it in to drive so much and I am not so worn out. My mind is still locked in on some of the drama and unfortunate circumstances encountered during my trip, but family can be family! I love them so but we do drive each other nutty once in a while.

All I have to say regarding my recent trip, getting old can really take a toll when you just want to wander! I love driving and taking the scenic route. You see so much more than you do on the highway. The other side of driving so much, it is so easy to drift off mentally. Podcasts are a great way (for me) to help keep my mind in the here and now. Nothing that is too riveting, you are after all driving, but interesting.

New Favorites:
– The Join Us in France Travel Podcast – This is by Annie Sargent and gives you perspectives on on all things France! Her voice is wonderful to listen to which definitely helps. I am planning a trip to France in the future, and I definitely need to learn more.
– Donna & Steve – I know, I know, why recommend a local radio show podcast? But really, they are so fun to listen too. Funny, light-hearted and yet a bit competitive on their contests. Most of what they talk about is not so local that someone in another state couldn’t listen and understand what is going on. For example, the latest episode they talked about Tim Allen and Lightyear; hot dog toppings, Slow Jam and Beck. Not exactly local! They are on Talk Radio 107.1 here in town. All of the shows are great, but this is the one that I have tuned in to via podcast lately.

But now I am back home and planning my next trip! Reading all about train travel in Europe!

New Orleans to Crystal River: What the podcast????

This was a quick trip across the coast. I stopped in Mobile, Alabama for lunch and stayed overnight in Crestview, Florida. Mobile was a fun place for a break, walked around a bit and bought a beautiful hand-made wooden vase and then had a roast beef po-boy for lunch with gravy. Yum.

So, I thought I would write about driving. I have had a lot of long days driving all by myself, trying to stay active and engaged during this time can be a challenge. You want to have something to listen to that won’t take your mind off driving. For me, music can put me in a trance-state as I love music!

About 2-1/2 years ago I finally got an iPhone and I started listening to podcasts during Covid. Some were for health challenges at work, on finance or nutrition, etc. Then I found some fun blogs to listen to while going on walking breaks. I had accumulated a few and I went out to look for more to keep me company during my trip.

Favorite – Welcome to Nightvale. This is SO funny and quirky. It started in 2012 and I would definitely recommend going back to the beginning and starting there. The characters run throughout the stories and there are so many subtle plotlines running throughout that you don’t want to miss out! Plus it is always good for a laugh! They are so popular they have live shows, a website and souvenirs you can buy. I also support them a little bit through Patreon. https://www.welcometonightvale.com

Second Favorite. Amateur Traveler. There are currently at number 711 for postings. The speaker does not profess to be an expert on all the locations he discusses. He brings in a number of fellow travelers to speak to the various locations. I also love how they incorporate pictures with the talks, which do show up on my screen. So cool!

Worst – Down. I listened to the whole thing because I really wanted to know what happened, but I ended up skipping a couple episodes just to get it over with. It was a great premise, but I think the story could have been told in about 70% of the time spent on it. Anyone else listened to this one?

Very good:
Derelict – An underwater / alien contact adventure. I am looking forward to another season!
Thrillist Explorers – A travel blog that has a number of eclectic-travel related posts as well as more traditional ones on sites visited. I only listened to a couple of these, but they were good.
The Earful Tower by Oliver Gee – This is also a travel blog, but it focuses on France and particularly Paris. Oliver is Australian but has lived and worked in France for a number of years now and in fact had a baby that they incorporate into their stories on how to be a tourist. 🙂 Since I am going to spend some time in France this fall, listening to this has been inspiring.
Atlas Obscura – A classic on obscure and odd travel sites to visit. Everyone should try this out.
Weird Things: The Podcast – The site states this is a blog for those who love both science and are fascinated by the impossible and fantastic. It’s for people who believe a mystery is interesting no matter the outcome. I listened to a few, and they were very good.
Minnesota Circle – Highlights events and products developed in Minnesota. I loved the one on proper breathing techniques and breathwork for adults, and school.

For the way home I have also downloaded “Overheard at National Geographic” and “The Join us in France Travel Podcast”.

Do you have any recommendations?