Forever Gifts

Just a quick posting on what Forever has available for Christmas or other seasonal gifts. They have recently come out with a number of new products that I can help you with! These are above and beyond the traditional photo books and photo cards that you can typically purchase from a company such as Forever. Other options include video conversion, permanent (pre-paid) storage, etc.

How about designing and printing the following with your favorite family photo(s):
– Puzzles
– Blankets
– Mouse pads
– Coasters
– Table top panels
– Ornaments
– Magnets
– Frosted glasses
– Insulated water bottles
– Photo Mugs
– Metal or Canvas wall panels

For more information and pictures, go to: Gift cards are available!

Cards are always popular, and they often have great deals on printing your cards. I always recommend waiting for a sale! You can use a standard design or work with me on a custom design. They have upgraded their paper quality and yo have the option for matte or glossy. Also, you can upload addresses and they will print your envelopes for you!

Forever Website Update

I have a teeny tiny professional website for Forever, a memory preservation site. Recently they did a major upgrade of their main website to try and make it easier for potential clients to find the services you need. You can purchase permanent storage; create and print albums or keepsakes (such as wall art, puzzles up to 1,000 pieces in size, mugs, glassware, cards (Christmas is coming!), photo gifts, and others); digitize photos, albums, or videos; or get assistance with filling out your family tree! I have had a lot of good luck with this company, so much so that I signed on as a Ambassador. To be honest, mostly to get the discount (I have a total of two customers, so I am NOT in it to make money). But I highly recommend their services, and they are always growing and adding on to the types of products they offer. Here is my website:

Life does happen in the blink of an eye, as they say. But as time goes on it can get fuzzier and fuzzier and you want to remember it all! Through Forever you can also purchase permanent storage, you don’t have to rely on Amazon or other photo storage service to remain in business in the future. In fact, your heirs can even inherit your account after you are gone! Always remember to label your photos or albums for the future. To learn more, go to:

However, you don’t need to purchase storage to use their services! You can use their free storage (2 mb) to upload photos to create pictures, albums, or other products. A new product, great for the family, are puzzles!

If you need help with a gift or project, please drop me a note and I can help point you in the right direction. If you have a lot of projects, that might even mean becoming your own Ambassador! Otherwise, I can sign you up to get notifications on upcoming events and specials. They also have a program where you can put away a small amount each month until you have enough saved up for a bigger project. I am starting to post some examples here:–2

Family Cruise – Wall Art Example

By the way, puzzles, photo gifts and drinkware are currently Buy One / Get One (BOGO) through August 8th. 🙂

Office Olympics 2022

Today was a fun day at work! We had a total of 13 teams sign up to participate in the Office Olympics today, as part of our annual Wellness Initiative. It encourages teamwork and healthy activities! We had finger races (typing), paper airplane building & flying, balloon races, obstacle courses with cups of water and charades. I enjoyed myself, and it seemed like everyone else did too. I thought for sure it would be very embarrassing, but winning a medal helped! I got second place for typing! 61 words per minute, basically one missed comma and one missed letter. 😦 But having a medal to wear helps! My teammate (and supervisor) Patrick won a gold medal for the obstacle course, he hardly lost any water at all.

Work Anniversary

Last week was a big week, it was recognition week at work and it was my 25th anniversary. Wow, I can’t believe how fast it went! I always thought that I would stay 15 years and find something new, but that never quite happened. The work kept changing and I met so many wonderful people that I just kept on going. Then I had some health issues and I just kept on going some more. The last couple years have been the best of all 25 years, so glad I stuck it out. It was a great job to have during the lockdown too, being able to work at home and yet still able to meet a lot of really nice people.

Work Thoughts

Finding that I am starting to use my idea of retiring next spring to do things I normally wouldn’t do. The other day I saw a stand of jack-in-the-pulpit in someone’s front yard and I had to get down on the ground to get a good shot of them. So I laid down in a complete stranger’s front yard to snap a picture! I told him that I am retiring in a few months and I am taking as many pictures as I can to document my last year of working for the City. He just laughed (thankfully).

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