Driving Through MIssouri

Question, what day is it? It is only Tuesday and I am having a hard time keeping it all straight already! Of course, that leads to, where am I? 🙂

Today I drove from Muscatine, Iowa to St. Charles, Missouri. I took the scenic route along the Mississippi River, down Highway 61, for the most part. I ignored my Apple wayfinding for the most part as it wanted me to take a different route than where I wanted to go. The hardest part, I was supposed to check into our HOA meeting at 6:30 pm. However, I was in Louisiana, Missouri at this time, where I thought I could check in, and absolutely nothing was open. So many businesses are closed on Monday and Tuesday down here at this time of year, and are rarely open past 4 or 5 pm. It really caught me off guard, although I suppose it shouldn’t have. So, meeting missed unfortunately.

Surprise 1 – You don’t see much of the river on the Scenic River Road. It was fun to zip up and down hills in the middle of nowhere though. At least I met this nice gentleman looking for a ride to Louisiana, MO and so at least I had some company for a stretch. Very chatty, name of Jason, and I was glad of the company.

Surprise 2 – I really enjoyed touring the Mark Twain Cave. The tour guide was very fun and had a lot of cute information on Mark Twain and the history of the cave and cave formations. I do love a cave tour! Hannibal, MO was a fun town to visit and they had a fantastic pottery shop I stopped at.

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