On The Road

My first leg of my trip southwards is well underway. Was stressful getting ready, as usual. Setting up a housesitter, determining what to pack, let’s unpack everything and slim down some more, then repack everything, sit and ponder a bit, then cram it all in the car and hope it fits (my vehicle isn’t real big). Whew!! Night one was in LaCrosse and Night 2 is in Muscatine, Iowa.

Surprise one – the Maritime Museum in Wabasha. They had a lot of spectacular artwork in their displays. So much more variety than expected and I could have spent all day just sitting and looking at the beautiful variety of work. Definitely a recommended stop!

One of the photos in the hallway
Looking through the vault doors, no photos inside allowed

Surprise two – the Shrine of Our Lady Guadalupe just outside of La Crosse. Wow, what a beautiful and well maintained place to visit, and get a good workout. The center and chapel are up a nice “hill”. They do have golf carts for those who can’t walk up or down the hill, but it is a nice paved trail and a beautiful walk. The candle chapel has some beautiful stained glass inside and worth a quick stop. The church and grounds at the top are worth it.

Votive Candle Chapel on the way up the hill
Church almost at the top of the hill.
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