The Martian by Andy Weir – Book Review

Every now and then a book comes along that grabs your attention and really leaves an impression.  This is one of those books! Andy Weir has written a very thought-provoking book on the what could happen when we start to explore Mars and about man’s ability to adapt and survive impossible odds.

What would happen if an intrepid astronaut is accidentally left for dead on Mars after a mission is prematurely aborted due to adverse weather conditions. How he survives and the work that he does to get off Mars and back home is just gripping.  I don’t believe this is really a spoiler, I mean really that is the whole point of the book!  It is the how that is so entertaining and engrossing.  He incorporates technical details with a sense of humor, providing an engaging story with the data you need to understand what the astronaut is doing and yet a storyline that leaves you caring for, and rooting for, him.  If you are at all a “space geek” and believe in the need to move beyond our planet and strike out to other worlds, then this is definitely for you.  Even the story of how this book was published is a fascinating read!

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