Charleston 2014

I had 2 goals when I left for Charleston. One was to find the small alleyways mentioned by Laura Childs in her books and I found them! My favorite was the Philadelphia Alley between Church and State Streets. I also found Unity, Lodge and Longitude. My second was to try Poogan’s Porch, which is supposed to be haunted. This place was awesome! But I didn’t see any ghosts.

So what else happened during my week in Charleston? I had biscuits at least once a day (yum) and ate a lot of really good food. My favorites were Gaubert & Michet Cafe, Social (pizza), Minero’s (chicken taco), Toast (scrambled eggs, cheese and bacon on a biscuit), Queology (pulled chicken sandwich), Blossom (crab cake with asparagus and shrimp coolie) and of course Poogan’s Porch (shrimp pasta with a biscuit). Good thing I didn’t rent a car and walked a lot!

I also did a harbor boat tour, a carriage ride (with Lindsey, the guide and Miley, the horse), three church tours (2nd Presbyterian, First Scots Presbyterian and Unitarian), a historic walking tour (Beth the guide), and 2 house tours (Nathaniel Russel (Ken Brody the guide) and Edmonston-Alston). I also went to the Unitarian church service on Sunday morning and had a wonderful breakfast (they really put on a spread there after the service).

All in all it was a whirlwind week and I had a great time. BUT no plantation tours and I also wasn’t able to get up and visit my niece in Myrtle Beach. I do plan on coming back in a couple of years just to visit Myrtle Beach though, I hope. đŸ™‚

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