The Presence – A book review

This book by Heather Graham is part mystery part ghost story, a nice suspenseful book.  The story starts with an acting troupe renting a Scottish castle to provide tours and theater enactings of the history of the castle.  The leader of the group, Toni Fraser, writes what she thinks is a fictional accounting, but as the book progresses she finds out how close to the truth her “fiction” really is.  The background mystery is two-fold.  First it turns out that the rental agreement is a fraud and they are trying to figure out how that happened, luckily the real owner is much alive and a real hunk, capturing Toni’s interest very quickly, yum.  The second is a series of murders of young women who are dumped in the woods behind the castle.  The chase to figure these out is the center of the book.

Also in the background is some historical reference to Cromwell (when Cromwell reigned) and King Charles which was interesting.  The way this was woven into the story as part of the ghost and his need to clear his family history is pretty interesting.

Another fun read!

I tend to say “fun read” a lot, don’t I?  🙂  What can I say, my job tends to be a bit stressful and I need some good escapism now and then.

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