Liar Liar by K.J. Larsen – A Book Review

This is a light, breezy and fun book by Kristen, Kari and Julianne (K.J.) Larsen and I highly recommend it for a quick weekend read when you are in need of having your spirits lifted.  The main character has started a private detective agency dedicated to catching cheaters, after going through the agony of finding your now ex-husband was doing the same.  Boy do I know how that feels!! 

The name of her agency is “Pants on Fire Detective Agency” and is set in Chicago, Illinois.  Caterina (Cat) DeLuca is a nice Italian gal with a houseful of Chicago cops as brothers (one a crook) and a typical interfering Italian mom that is just a hoot.  The case starts with her tracking down what she thinks is a cheating spouse (Chance Savino, great name) and ends up with her being caught in a bomb blast which puts her in the hospital.  Chance shows up to see how she is doing, but no one believes her as the FBI and the police all say he is dead.  Her mom even calls an intervention with their parish priest to help her see the light!  🙂  You can just see it, the visualizations from this book are great.

This is a fun ride but what really makes the book is the cast of goofy characters, her family.  I am definitely looking forward to future books.  I always love it when they go out and catch those cheaters.  Their web site is if you want to learn more!

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