Wild Ride – A book review

This book by Jennifer Cruise and Bob Mayer is definitely a wild ride.  It was fun and a fast read!  Definitely not a mystery.  🙂  The book centers around an eclectic group of people who are the “Guardia” and the demons that they guard are in “Dreamland”.  Yes, they are in an amusement park complete with Tunnel of Love, carousel, fortune tellers tent and all.  The main character is an off-beat gal (Mary Alice Brannigan or Mab for short) who restores old amusement park rides and equipment.  The story starts with the restoration of a 7-foot tall iron-clad clown. 

To start Mab and the other newbie (Ethan) refuse to  believe in demons or the mystical properties of the park.  The opening where the clown actually started walking, called her by name and knocked her down is just a hallucination is pretty funny and the whole tenor of the book is set by this sequence of events.  I love the idea of waffles and ice cream while sitting here at breakfast time.  The main cafe has this as their morning special with a variety of yummy sounding ice creams.  I definitely wish this place was real!

If you are looking for a fun, romantic, rollicking ride over a bleary weekend, this is a great choice.  It will definitely bring a smile to your face.

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