Just a quick note to say I have been spending the last couple weeks moving to a condo I recently purchased. I have been working hard and reading only a little. Starting to feel like I have a home again and starting to read again as I find some spare time.  My brother and his family were also up from Florida in the middle of it all.  The good part was I was able to find a good amount of time to visit with everyone, the bad part was that it took a long time to start unpacking.  Finally found the silverware yesterday, but haven’t gotten around to actually unpacking it yet for example.  🙂  I did get to watch my niece play soccer at a UofM soccer camp over the weekend which was fun.  She held her own and she was 3 to 4 years younger than most everyone else there!  Today, I am forcing myself to rest as every part of my body aches.  I did get my books unpacked yesterday though!  I love looking at them, it feels like home.

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