SmashBurger – Free Food is Good!

I do a little volunteer work for the City of Plymouth, even though I no longer live there I know some of the other volunteers and they are a fun bunch.  One promotion we were able to get in on was a free preview of the new “healthier” options on the SmashBurger menu.  I tried the buffalo grilled SmashChicken minus the blue cheese and mayonnaise (how can mayo be healthy?).  I also tried one of their new salads as a side item.  They were both really good.  The rest of the group (daughter, son-in-law, friend of daughter) ordered burgers (the healthy option is that they now have a 1/4 pound option), sweet potato fries, french fries and fried pickles.  So we got a good taste of the regular food too.  To top it off we all had beer or wine with our meal.  And it was all for free!  Thank you SmashBurger, the food was good and I can’t wait for one to open in Eden Prairie.

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