Dead & Kicking – A Book Review

This is the third book in a fun cozy mystery series by Wendy Roberts.  This one though dealt with a topic close to my heart.  The main character in the book, Sadie, has a unique gift, she can see and talk to ghosts and helps them to cross over (a bit like Ghost Whisperer) when they have unresolved issues.  However she also owns a clean-up service, the type who come in after deaths or crimes to clean up the mess (yuck) and some of the descriptions really leave you with a taste of how messy it can get!  Please, let my body be found right away!  Anyway, since she works on crime scenes often she of course gets entangled in a few mysteries that need solving.  The reason this one was close to my heart?  The opening scene is at the funeral for her dad.  Of course she sees his spirit, and the reason he hasn’t crossed over is for her with a surprising twist.  It really brought to mind all the things I wish I could have shared with my dad before he passed over.  The apologies, the moments missed, just letting him know how much I loved him, how much I didn’t want him to go.  So, it was a fun read but sad as well.  But, thinking about my dad is always a good thing so that is okay too.  I do talk to him often, maybe he even hears me once in a while.  I hope so.

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