A Rather Charming Invitation – Review

I don’t remember how I was turned into this series, but I am certainly glad I was.  A Rather Charming Invitation is the third book in this series by C.A. Belmond.  The central character is a historical researcher who works for the film industry, helping to set up films to be historically accurate.  Being the film industry, there are of course a couple of quirky characters who carry through the books.  Penny has a mother and father who “escaped” their stuffy families and met and married in America.  The first story surrounds a mystery set up by a relative for her and her “cousin” Jeremy to solve,  the result of which is a nice fortune.  This book surrounds a family mystery centering on a beautiful tapestry that was loaned to Penny and Jeremy for their wedding and the clues it holds to a cache of gold coins.  It is an enjoyable read.  I especially like how she sets the base story (the wedding and Penny’s fears about whether it could change their relationship) against the setting (Monte Carlo, Grasse and London) with a mystery thrown in for good measure.  All of her books are set between France, Italy and England and they always leave me with a desire to go visit.   A dash of fun, a dash of history, a dash unusual relatives, a dash of quirky friends, and a big dash of mystery.  Highly recommended.  I do hope she continues the series.

The first book is A Rather Lovely Inheritance and I do recommend starting at the beginning.  www.cabelmond.com is the link to her site.  I love this quote from her web site. 

“A return to the golden age of romantic suspense! ‘A Rather Lovely Inheritance’ weds old-style glamour to chick-lit flair. You just want to move into the novel yourself—on a long-term lease, with hero and snazzy sports car included!”– Lauren Willig, author of “The Secret History of the Pink Carnation”

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