It has been a long week, a sad time.  A friend of mine through work passed away last week.  It has been a week of pain, shock and remembrances.  Yesterday I opened a file at work, and there was an email from him.  Today a consultant asked to meet for a wetland review, and he wasn’t there to call and ask to go with me.  He has been such a large part of my life these last 7 years or so and I will really miss working with him, being his friend.  He was so easy to talk to, a real comfort in my life at a time when everything went upside down and then sideways.  I feel terribly for his son, he is only 9 years old.  I met him even, Mark brought him with to work when we met outside to do a simple wetland review a few times.  Mark, I will miss you.
June 2, 2009
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