February Blues

Sitting here watching the Food Network, thinking about food.  Today is very cold, it is a whole 7 degrees Fahrenheit right now!  Brrrr  The show I was watching she was making homemade macaroni and cheese and mini-meatloaves and boy did that look good!  What is it about cold weather and craving comfort food?
I have set up my spring vacation finally.  I am going to spend a long weekend in Charleston, South Carolina.  The spring flowers at this time of year are supposed to be fantastic, and with the historical homes and haunted city tours, it just sounded like a fun place to go.  And of course there is the Southern cooking going on which sounds good too.  Definitely something different!  I am going to stay at a resort on the bay, so a little relaxing walking is definitely in order too.  I also like the idea of going to the setting of one of my favorite cozy mystery series, the tea shop series by Laura Childs.
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