On the road again!

My month stay in Florida is done. I didn’t write much while staying there, Florida is like a second home and I was either being super lazy or super busy with family.

I spent a lot of quality time with my mom, more than I have in years, and I was so glad I was able to do so. I teared up when I said good-bye, but I managed to keep it in for the most part. My mom is in a nursing home, and it is a sad existence for her. She talks a lot about thinking she is feeling better and wondering if she can move enough to get out of bed and into a wheelchair more often. Maybe even move to a new place, out of her room. I really don’t believe so, she is in so much pain that she wears out in a very short time. And try touching her feet! Yikes. After a career wearing too tight, pointed, uncomfortable shoes, some arthritis and a broken ankle and hip that she didn’t take care of, her feet are a mess and very sensitive to the touch. I did respond on what it would take for her to move, and she did actually try getting into a wheel chair once, but it was not much fun for her. So hard to see, my strong-willed mom now in bed all the time.

But, time to go forward with my trip. I do plan on coming back down after the holidays to touch base again. So packing up all my stuff, what I brought with and all the stuff I bought on the way!

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