Art Experience

Took the time to go to the Van Gogh Art Experience last weekend, and I enjoyed it very much. I read some reviews (afterwards thankfully) that weren’t all positive, that you didn’t learn anything about Van Gogh or his art, that the museum would be a better way to spend your money. But I don’t agree. This isn’t meant to be a museum, or even necessarily educational. It is an “experience”. A place to relax and watch the art blend from one piece to another, to listen to the music, to be captivated. They did a good job bringing in one piece of art and slowly blending that one out while bringing another one in, so that they merged, then came apart. The animation, pages turning in the book, cicadas running over the screen, etc. I thought it was interesting, but I love Van Gogh’s work so I wasn’t there for an education. I say, if curious just go ahead and go.

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