Do you ever get to a point where everything just seems blah? All you have time for is work? That is about where I am at right now. I did have a wonderful weekend babysitting my granddaughter (I mean kitten), Freya. My daughter and her husband celebrated 18 years of marriage last weekend (what happened?) and Freya is too young and way too mischievous to leave home alone. Took her 2 seconds to chew through my computer cable, as I was plugging it in. Sigh But, I did have a lot of fun playing with her and watching the birds out the window together! Unfortunately the next day was a long 13 hour day of work including eating breakfast and dinner at the desk and Tuesday wasn’t much better. But better days are coming! I am starting to think about vacation again, I want to spend 3 months in Europe next year, in August, September and October maybe. The question is where is a good place to go? Maybe one spot per month? Do I have the courage to go? Arghhhh

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