First Night Out of 2021!

Experiencing Covid-19 has been very tough. The longer this drags on, the more I stay home. I have been slowly worrying more, making it difficult to head out and shop much less socialize. But today, Minnesota restaurants opened back up and I was all in for getting out to see real people! Not on Zoom, not on Teams, not on Kumospace, not on WebEx. But in person.

For lunch I met my friend Therese at Bacio’s, a favorite restaurant in Minnetonka. I had the shrimp scampi and she had the risotto. I have missed being able to meet up and talk. We did try a couple times, once outside and once in the mall for a quick walk, but nothing is the same as sitting down at a table, enjoying good food, relaxing, and talking about this and that.

For dinner, my daughter asked if I wanted to meet up with her and her husband for Happy Hour! We went to 6 Smith in Wayzata and it was so nice. Happy Hour on a Monday, who would have thought I would enjoy going out on a work night! LOL My favorite were the cheese curds, they were tossed in a fresh, spicy sauce. Yum. I will definitely have to head back and have them again! Maybe cheese curds and beignets? (They were very tempting, but my diet today wasn’t that great so I resisted).

I hope you are doing well as we all work towards figuring out how to better control the spread and extent of this disease. I did donate blood last week, and found out I don’t have any antibodies in my system, so no immunity at all from this awful disease. But I am glad I did it, as much as I hate donating blood (blech). Be well, be creative, connect with a friend, and enjoy a good meal!!

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