Mom Musings

Today I had lunch with my Mom and her friend Joanne here at Aston Gardens at Pelican Marsh.  We discussed tomorrow’s Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day and I learned a couple interesting tidbits from my mom.  My mom was born on April 4, 1938 so she would have been almost 4 when it occurred.  However, she did remember a few pieces of that time, whether from her own memory or from hearing from her family later on I don’t know.  My mom has a much better memory than I do of the past and our history.  She said she mainly remembered how fearful she was after they learned of the bombing.  That she had nightmares of riding her dad’s shoulders while they were running away from Hitler’s army.  At that time they lived in California, so I am sure they felt very vulnerable on that coast.  She also talked about how her mom worked for the factory that made B-29 bombers, very interesting!  She remembered that because her day care worker liked to cook hot tomatoes with bread and she really, really didn’t like it.  Now that I believe!  I remember food before anything.  She said how one day she had to eat the tomatoes or she was going to have to just sit at the table until she was done.  So she sat and waited until grandma came to pick her up.  Just a measure of how stubborn she is!  My comment, it kind of runs in the family.  Today was a good visit with my mom, I love it when she talks about her past.

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