The Ice Princess – A Book Review

I just finished The Ice Princess by Camilla Läckberg from Sweden.  I am unsure why the sudden interest in Swedish authors, and I definitely wouldn’t compare this to the Stieg Larsson series, but it was a hit for me.  You know what I enjoyed? The main character (Erica) actually talked to the police and shared information!  Very refreshing.  Although I did guess a portion of the mystery, and a good part of the rest by the end, I didn’t figure it all out.  The book was inhaled in the space of one day and over lunch and then dinner (yes, I read while I eat when I am alone).  This was a sad tale, one that really shows what choices can do to your family and friends.  How these choices can result in such odd detours to and from happiness, or even just being comfortable with your life or future.  Sad, but satisfying ending in some ways.  I recommend giving it a try, I know I plan on reading the next one!  Left me thinking about moving to Spain when I retire!

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