The Winter Sea – A book review

This was the March selection for our mystery book club, however I am not sure you can really call it a mystery.  The book is set in two different time periods, one at the time when the Scots tried to bring King James Stewart (James VIII of Scotland or James III of England depending on  who you talk to) back to reclaim his crown, and one in modern day times.  The premise is that Carrie McClelland has found a home in Scotland outide of Slains Castle and has started to have “memories” of a past life (Sophia).

The historical background and the tale of these two women was very interesting.  However, I felt like they spent too much time in the past and the going back and forth so often was a little annoying.  I loved the present day romantic turn and the peek into life in  Scotland.  I would have loved to learn more about how the present day Scottish felt about this time in their history and more about Carrie and her new friends and family. 

All in all a fun read and one I would recommend to an armchair history buff like me.  But, it is a long book and it did take a while to get through it as I kept having to go back to remind myself who was who.  More on Queen Anne and how the whole split happened would have been good also.

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