False Mermaid – A Book Review

The name of this book is centered around 2 themes.  One is the  name of the plant whose seeds are found on the murder victim, the False Mermaid Floerkea proserpinacoides.  The second is the discussion and history of the selkie legends from Ireland.  The main character in this book is a pathologist who has “run away” to Ireland to research bodies that have been found preserved in the peat bogs in Ireland.  Again, the scientist in me finds this whole idea very fascinating, from the history and mythology of the seals and the selkies to the study of what is being found in the peat bogs. 

I do recommend this story.  It had a slow start for me but as the story built I became quickly interested.  The main character is a strong woman and the way she researches and copes with the back stories in the novel is good.  I had an inkling of who the “bad guy” was but in the end I was somewhat surprised and did go “hmmm”.  🙂  Erin Hart has good potential for future reading.

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