A Bad Day for Sorry

This is the first of a book about Stella Hardesty  by Sophie Littlefield.  This is definitely a woman no man would want to cross!  After protecting herself from an abusive husband who was out to kill her, she is now on the street and working to protect those who are in similar situations.  Being the first in a series, this book had a lot to do with learning who Sophie is, what she does both in her personal life and in her “professional” life and her developing relationship with the sheriff, “Goat” Jones.  I always think it is so funny how the sheriff yet again has a killer smile and is attracted to the main character.  In this case, it is someone who is skating on the thin edge of legal/illegal in her work to protect these women.  The descriptions of how she manages this is a real hoot, definitely brings a smile to your face to see the abuser become the abused.  Being a woman who unfortunately has been in similar scary situations (although certainly never even close to this bad) in the past, it is good to think there is someone like Stella out there working to help.  The mystery was a bit far-fetched, including how it was resolved, but all in all an enjoyable read.  I have the second one in the series and hope to read it this weekend.

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