Fever Dream – a Book Review

Since I wrapped up my mystery book club selection in short order, I was able to dive into Fever Dream on Sunday and just finished it late last night.  I really enjoyed this book.  Seeing Pendergast in they eyes of Captain D’Agosta was especially interesting, he always has a male counterpoint and seeing him from the eyes of a woman was interesting.  I hope all is well with Vincent on the next book though!  I like his character.  The ending is a bit creepy, but very satisfying too, in an evil way.  You can see justice looming on the horizon, but you don’t get to experience it in the book, you have to use your imagination.

This is another book where you end up feeling like you are there, like you are visiting the south.  The way they weave the book into the flow and feel of Louisiana is really interesting to me, I definitely learned more even with it being a fiction novel. The description of the swamps though, don’t leave me wanting to come and visit that however!  I may be a wetland scientist to some degree, but alligators and cottonmouth snakes just don’t appeal to me.

At the end of the book Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston say they are starting a new series together and I really look forward to seeing these.  But they are still going to continue Mr. Pendergast’s story too!  I really want to see how they bring Constance back into the story, that was my only gripe with this novel was how they weaved in her backstory.  I really want to learn more about her and her history.

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