The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane – Review

I have finished this book early as it just captured my imagination.  If you read this book, please don’t skip the Postscript.  It is here that the author, Katherine Howe, describes what is factual (much of  the history is based around facts), what was embellished and what is conjecture (obviously emotions and conversations from 1691 are conjecture).  I like this comment “What is usually overlooked… is that, to the people who experienced the Salem panic, the trials were really about witchcraft.”  Those involved held no doubt that witchcraft existed and they were scared and they panicked.  No matter what caused the belief that witchcraft existed, the result was deep feelings of fear and mystery, something that was beyond their understanding.  I agree that we all have inner thoughts of what community, religion and spirituality are and as a result we do feel a connection to these times and people.  This book does a good job of weaving the present generation and inheritors of the gift with their ancestors who perished in those sad times.  Excellent book.  At the end she discusses how she is busy researching her next book, and I can’t wait!

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