So, my favorite stop in Amsterdam was the Rijksmuseum. I love visiting museums, but don’t always take the time to go (I am not exactly sure I know why). But I spent almost 7 hours wandering around looking at all the exhibits. I had a wonderful experience and I definitely got my steps in!

I recommend eating at the museum café, I had a very tasty chicken sandwich. The only weird thing was the way they served meals. You order like normal, sandwich and a drink. But the sandwich is made over on one half of the kitchen and drinks in the other half. My sandwich came out a good 15 minutes before my drink! I was able to flag down a waitress and ask what happened and she got me a glass of water to tide me over until my tea came. Ended up being a longer lunch than I expected because of this, but it was a good rest for my sore feet. I also met a very nice woman from Germany over lunch too.

I would say my favorite exhibit hall was actually the special collections section. This is the revolving area, they have so much in their archives they need an area where they can bring items in and out to showcase. And they were all so interesting, all their stories and history. Seeing the Blue Delft, the crystal work, and so on.

Next the floors on floors, through time. Each section a separate century. Knowing I wouldn’t be able to come back to visit I had to see them all, thus almost 7 hours later!  😊

Museum map

One highlight of course, is the Night Watch by Rembrandt. This was a very popular spot!

I also loved the doll houses, wish mine when I was younger had been so intricate!

Here are a few pictures. I am not touching the mantel, just trying to look like I am, but I just look weird as my shoulder was too sore to raise it further. LOL

And the library, you really wish you could peruse what is there. But I am sure very little is in English.

The only thought I had was regarding the tour groups. Twice they blocked off some pictures and it was difficult to get around them to see what they were looking at! Once I even walked around the hall for a good 20 minutes and they didn’t move! They were packed in too tight into a corner it would have been terribly rude to walk around them, so I moved on. If they want to spend so much time talking about a picture, please move away! You can look and then step back to talk about it. Does that sound picky? I just was so curious as to what took so long to talk about it. I never did get a good look at the one. Oh well.

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