Kate is Back!

Okay, so this is a novella and not a full book. I read this well within the space of a day, I set time aside to just sit and read as I knew I wouldn’t want to do anything else at all during this time.

Ilona Andrews is the pseudonym for Gordon & Ilona Andrews, a husband and wife writing team. They now have six series out there, but my favorites are definitely the Kate Daniels and Hidden Legacy series. I say Kate is back as the team has been focusing more on other series as they felt the Kate Daniels series came to a natural conclusion. But she wormed her way back into their writing much to the delight of their fans.

As for the series, I have read them all and I love them all! However, I do recommend starting at the beginning of whichever series you choose as they definitely build on each book going forward. Not the type of series you want to jump in the middle of. In addition, the Ryder series is actually more of an extension of the Kate Daniels series, so don’t start there. However, each book tends to have a somewhat- to completely-satisfying ending so you don’t feel like the story is incomplete at the end of the book (not always the case with some authors). You can pause and reflect at the end of a book, before rushing out to get the next one. Other authors of mine tend to write one book that just happens to go across 3, 4, 5 or more books really. You have to wait until the entire series is released or you get very frustrated. Not my favorite but when you love the author what can you do?

The website is a great place to pick up some of their online novellas, and to sign up for their blog or publishing updates. They do an excellent job keeping it up to date, and is often full of fun quips or ideas and is easy to read.

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