My favorite place to visit (so far)

I love the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. I have had a membership for years, but mostly I would only go for conferences or seminars for work. One of the many things I loved while working was joining committees to plan conferences, workshops and seminars. I was a member of a number of committees for these during my career in water resources. For a while, every fall we would hold a stormwater or shallow lakes summit here at the Arboretum and I would renew my membership at that time. I would intend to come out to visit or explore afterwards, but rarely did. Until COVID that is. During COVID this became my go-to spot for exercise! And I truly fell in love.

This month I have gone for an art class (drawing a stem of lilacs), Art in the Park, membership day and just a nice long walk on a sunny day. This whole experience has left me feeling like even though my job entailed going out and visiting with residents, teaching workshops or reviewing wetland delineations, that I have gotten out of touch with just being outside. I love it (other than the mosquitoes) and hope to visit many parks during my trip to Europe!

Here are some photos to enjoy and maybe entice you to stop by.

Now I am going back to plan my trip to Europe with all the changes I have made!

My backpack packed and ready to go

Walking the Arboretum

I just spent a long trip down to visit my mother who is in a nursing home in Florida, she is so confused and lonely that it was very difficult to leave her. Visits are very quick, you can’t touch, you can’t hear well between the masks and the traffic noise (you have to sit outside) and all in all it leaves you very sad in and of itself. I miss being able to sit with my mom over lunch and just chat as time permits, no need to try and figure out what to talk about in the little time you have. Then, when I got home I jumped right into a few days of sitting and watching on-line sessions of the North American Lake Management Society. I didn’t move much for over a week and I really needed to get out and walk!!

So last weekend I spent Sunday morning and early afternoon following the three-mile walk around the MN Landscape Arboretum. I have been a member for years, but to be honest rarely go more than once or twice per year for a visit. Often it is for a conference or workshop that is work-related. But this year is different, as it is for us all. This was my fourth visit this year, and I went to try and find unique photo opportunities of leaves, berries or dried flowers. I was happy as I did manage to take a few good ones, of which this is one. I am very glad I renewed my membership and I plan on going at least once a month through the winter. I just need someone to walk with me once in a while! 🙂