Heading Home

So, my post for when I was on my way home and trying hard to not cry. DO NOT CRY!! I am coming home one month earlier than I hoped, but later than I thought I might at the start. I was so nervous when I left home, what was I thinking? To head out and jaunt around Europe on my own? No clear idea of where I was going once I hit France or how to get there? What about my tendency for crippling anxiety (not very easy to manage, I have a habit of stepping back, distancing myself from the world around me all to calm my mind)? Or the fact that I don’t speak French much and only recognize about 1 word out of every couple dozen words? And I am hard of hearing? All reasons to not go, but I made it out of the house, and I WENT PLACES I never dreamt I would actually get to.

Maybe someday I will go back and take another look, I did love Amsterdam. The French fries were awesome. And a burger joint on every other block, definitely not all bad! September was a good time to visit. Not as many tourists and the weather was still nice. Although the Mediterranean Sea was so beautiful and warm!

And I did cry a little bit on the plane, I am sure my seatmate was wondering what was going on. I watched the Minions on the monitor to try and cheer me up.

4 Replies to “Heading Home”

  1. Leslie,

    It took courage to take off on your own to an unfamiliar place. I commend you. It is not something I would do.




      1. I think that digital is the best way to scrapbook trips and attending workshops help me stay focused. I hope to see you at Beth’s sometime.


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